A Bit About Me

I remember the first time my dad let me use his Pentax SLR. It was a world of mystery that I couldn't wait to unravel. Figuring out the right aperture, focus, and which speed film to use was a pursuit I loved more and more each time pressed the shutter button. Picking up the developed film from the pharmacy, I always held my breath a little before flicking through each 6" x 4" photo. Seeing the failures and triumphs of weeks' worth of photos was addictive.

What feels like a lifetime of failures and triumphs later, photography has been a constant passion that keeps driving me to discover something new. Whether it's a new subject, a new angle or even discovering something new about myself during the process, there's always something more to learn. Finding out how early I'll get up on a Sunday morning to again attempt to capture that perfect sunrise shot has it's own strange satisfaction. How far I'll trek with camera in hand and lenses weighing down my backpack, always wondering "What could be just over that next hill?", a reminder of what I love about photography; the sense of wonder always pushing you that little bit further.

That old Pentax may be long gone, but the inspiration from it, and from my father, are still as alive as ever. I hope to share that inspiration and a point of view that may ignite a spark in someone else - to get out there and photograph, to see things from a different perspective or to simply challenge themselves to push that little bit further each day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you find here!