Historic Gardens Worthy of a Trip to the Blue Mountains

Living in Sydney, I'm fortunate to have such a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and attractions within a (relatively) short distance. The Everglades House & Gardens is a fantastic place to practice your macro photography and certainly worth a day trip to the Leura in the Blue Mountains.

The house itself has some wonderful 1930's architecture and its owner from the time, Danish born Paul Sorensen, built the gardens surrounding it. You'll notice one section of the gardens which has a distinctly Japanese influence, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the European styling.

If it's a place that interests you, I'd strongly suggest visiting in more than one season. There's a dramatic shift the ambiance between autumn and spring, for example. It's truly remarkable to see how the grounds live and breathe, transforming with the seasons.

If you're looking to make a photography day of it, I'd suggest also checking out the Norman Lindsay Gallery on the way there, which also has some beautifully kept grounds and has artworks by Norman Lindsay.

Hidden Graffiti Laneway - St Peters, Sydney

One of the things I love about Sydney is that there's always something new to discover. No matter how long you've lived there or how much exploration you think you've done, there always seems to be another hidden gem just around the corner.

This was a great little photography spot near St Peters station, with some of the paint literally fresh out of the can. As we wandered down the laneways, artists were adding to their works, unphased by us or anyone else.

If you get the chance, head down to May Lane and see some of the amazing street art there. It's sure to make you smile.